Who are we?

Braam Wessels


Occupation: English teacher – Namduk Elementary School Daegu

Interests: Fun, fun and more fun. Traveling,dancing,singing, camping and adventures of all sorts.

Profile: I am a young enthusiastic man in a strange amazing country. I’m looking to better myself while teaching others. Life is about personal growth in all facets of life to me. Here you get the chance to grow every second you are in Korea. It’s a matter of opening up your mind and eyes to the diversity we currently find ourselves in.

My travel partner:

Nadia Swanepoel

Age: You really think I’ll tell the world

Occupation: English teacher Yeongdong South Korea

Interests: Sports,music,dancing going crazy and being AWESOME!

Profile: I’m a young lady looking at life with open eyes taking on the things that come on my way to the best of my ability. I love traveling and doing things I have not done before.

Hope you enjoy our blog:)

Braam Wessels

For our international friends wondering where in SA I’m from?

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I was born in the city of Bloemfontein in 1988. My hobbies consist of a variety of sports,listening to music gaming and learning new skills that might come in useful in the future.

Bloemfontein is the most central city in South Africa. The city falls within the province of the Free State. It is also known as the “City of roses”.The city’s population is approximately 350000 strong with mining and farming being its main industries.

It is probably one of the most “Afrikaans” cities in South Africa. The people from my home town are a very proud people.We have been raised to die for our country and to uphold our countries name at all costs.

My family name, Wessels, is from Netherlandish decent. Our family is documented to be one of the first families within South Africa dating back to the 1680’s.

Many South African’s are from different ethnicities and as many of you would have gathered by now most of the educated young working force is leaving our country as to not be tangled up in the politics of our corrupt government.(This is truely just my opinion). It is truly a shame for our country to not realise this as we all love our country but is not given the opportunities we deserve within our own country.

To conclude I am a proud South African. I may have my flaws because of the circumstances I found myself in my country during my growth as a person. I do realise my flaws and I work at them to be a better person.

Ons vir jou Suid-Afrika !


6 thoughts on “Who are we?

  1. Hei hei! Ek hou van jou skryfstukke!
    Ek het self een begin, maar ek is nog bietjie dom met dit. Ek hoop nie jy gee om dat ek vrae vra nie. Ek wil jou op my blogroll sit. Maar wat is die nommertjies aan die kant van die lysie?
    Groete, Alet

    • deis ‘ rating vir die blog wat jy daarvan dink. wees ook versigtig om kikinitinkorea op jou blogrole te sit. dis ‘n great blog maar dit kan wel skeefloop as dit in die verkeerde hande val eendag dan wil jou sight nie daarheen gelink wees nie. Dankie vir die support ek sien uit om jou blog te sien groei.

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